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Maxi Climber

Climb your way to a fitter, healthier you with MaxiClimber, the vertical climbing fitness system that mimics the movements used in rock climbing to engage all the major muscle groups and give you a calorie-burning, muscle-toning workout in the comfort of your home. With MaxiClimber you’ll sculpt toned arms, shapelier legs and a beautiful rear,...View more

BodyTrain Fitness Master 8008B Treadmill

The Bodytrain Master 8008B represents a great quality treadmill with fantastic features at a low price. The high power motor and high spec computer is a testament to the range of features that Bodytrain treadmills have to offer, and we feel confident that you will not find a better quality treadmill from any other retailer....View more

BodyTrain T900 Elite Treadmill

The Powertech T900 Elite is both a fantastic looking and more importantly performing treadmill. The Elite has a maximum speed of 16km per hour and a massive 15 degree automatic motorised incline. The running deck measures 123 x 42cm. The Elite has 9 pre programmed workouts which utilise both the incline and speed functions of...View more

BH Fitness I.RC12 Dual Concept IConcept Treadmill

BH Fitness I.RC12 Dual Concept I-Concept Treadmill The BH Fitness I.RC12 Dual Concept I-Concept Treadmill designed for intensive use of over twenty hours per week, the I.RC 12 Dual I-Concept Treadmill from BH Fitness is the perfect piece of equipment for your cardio training. With an environmentally friendly Green Power Tech 4.5 HP (peak) Motor...View more

Everlast T8.0 Treadmill

Everlast T8.0 Treadmill The Everlast T8.0 Treadmill features an powerful 2.0hp motor to give a maximum running speed of a massive 18kph it also has a folding mechanism, to fold the running area up. When you receive your treadmill it will need some building but this shouldn’t take any more than 15-30 mins . Enjoy...View more

Hammer Walkrunner RPX Treadmill

HAMMER Walkrunner RPX Folding Motorised Treadmill – 3Hp You may find lower priced Treadmills offering similar performance, but do they offer HAMMERS unmatched GERMAN Design Detail and Quality Assurance Dont take the chance buy HAMMER! A Huge Success in over 38 Countries. Features 24 Programmes. Brand New model for 2010, Bright Multi LED displays. Assisted...View more

Karrimor Pace Treadmill

Karrimor Pace Treadmill With the Karrimor Pace Treadmill have taken their own technical expertise, the best of mid-range to high designs on the market and built in lots of functionality from the top end treadmills. The large running deck is powered by a more than capable 1.75 horse power motor for long smooth runs and...View more

Kettler Track Performance Treadmill

Kettler Track Performance Treadmill Just one look at the Kettler Track Performance Treadmill and you can see why it is one of the most popular models. Sleek, stylish and designed to give you a comfortable workout this treadmill is the perfect addition to any home gym. It is a well-known fact exercising on asphalt puts...View more

Motive Fitness Fitness Run Fit 3.0 Programmable Motor...

Motive Fitness Run Fit 3.0 Programmable Motorised Treadmill The Motive Fitness Run Fit 3.0 Programmable Motorised Treadmill is a high-level home use treadmill with 99 pre-programmed training profiles ideal for an extended workout. The extended running belt surface of L150cm x W54cm ensures a safe operation even at high speeds. U.N.O. Fitness treadmills feature both...View more

Body Sculpture BT-5405S3PUS-C Motorised Folding Tread...

The Body Sculpture BT-5405S3PUS-C motorised folding treadmill is a superb home use running machine, available now with Fast Free Delivery. We are delighted to be able to offer the latest addition to the World renowned Body Sculpture range: The BT-5405 series of Treadmills offer exceptional quality and are packed with features. This specific model (BT-5405S3PUS-C)...View more