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Other price comparisons

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DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym

A robust, high-quality, home multi gym featuring a wide range of workstations the DKN Studio 9000 is a great choice for anyone looking to increase muscle strength and tone. Through the intelligent use of its double pulley system, the Studio 9000 delivers loads in excess of its 75kg (165.3lbs) weight stack to ensure that you...View more

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Weider PRO 5500 Home System Multi Gym

The Weider PRO 5500 multi gym is an eye-catching piece of equipment designed for home use that has been created to guarantee safe and comfortable workouts. With a leg developer, a butterfly station, an arm press and high and low pulley stations this great piece of kit is sure to give you great results. It...View more

Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with 100KG Vinyl Weight S...

This Weight Bench and Weights Set package has been put together to offer you a winning combination of top quality kit with great value for money. If you’re looking for all round strength training, this weight bench package is definitely for you. Top benefits: Versatile, value for money, grows with you as you get stronger,...View more

Charles Bentley Foldable Pulley Indoor Cardio Home Gy...

This Bentley rowing machine is strong and sturdy with 4 way adjustable resistance. Ideal for a full body workout and cardio vascular training. It features an LDC display with number of strokes, calories burned and duration. The rowing machine is foldable for easy storage.View more

JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine: Foldable Superior Row...

The foldable JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine will provide you with an outstanding gym quality workout in your own home. Includes built in heart rate controlled programs, proven to provide the most effective workout. Alternatively, select from the 16 resistance levels. The 8 workout programs also provide a great range of fitness training. Backlit monitor...View more

V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine

The V-fit AR1 Artemis II Air rowing machine is an extraordinary gym-style chain action rowing machine with speed balanced resistance. The 3-Screen monitor incorporates 6 functions – Stroke Counter, Speed, Distance, Time, Strokes per Minute and Theoretical Calorie Burn. The V-fit AR1 Artemis II Air rowing machine presents one of the best workouts possible, is...View more

Body Sculpture Pro Racing Studio Bike

Body Sculpture Pro Racing Studio Bike Race towards your fitness goals with the Body Sculpture Pro Racing Studio Exercise Bike. Enjoy the benefits of a serious cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your own home without the expensive of gym fees or the hassle of dealing with the traffic on the roads. You can even...View more

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